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Are you looking for new exciting activities to enjoy togheter ?

Welcome to CompliCity !

The easiest and smartest way to submerge yourselves into an ocean of romantic possibilities around Geneva! We´ve thoughtfully included a large selection of activities that will reignite the fire in your relationship with up to 55% OFF a selection of activities including free gifts.

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Duo massage, cooking class, photo shooting, romantic weekend, dance lessons, balloon ride, escape game... a total of 28 unforgettable activities

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Are you ready to shake your couple ?

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Activities to discover and share togheter !

Off, exclusive suprises and ideas !



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Your guide is valid from December 2017 to February 2019

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Come have fun pampering yourselves across COMPLICITY, and discover its 4 monuments portraying a typical relationship life cycle.


 1. The Date

Activities reminiscent of your 1st date !


Textes Monuments Fleur The

 2. The Relationship

Activities of complicity


Textes Monuments Halteres

 3. The Life at Home 

Activities to take care of your nest


Teste Refuge

 4. The Romance

Romantic and sensual activities


Textes Monuments - Kama

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